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When you build or purchase a new home, you put your heart, soul and, of course, savings into perhaps the most important and valuable asset you will ever have. However, if your home was negligently constructed or if there was a construction defect that was not revealed to you, your home could face significant and costly future problems. At the Houston law offices of Lapin & Landa, we protect the rights of individuals across Texas who have suffered losses resulting from negligent home construction or home construction defects.

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New homes built by competent general contractors and builders should not have construction defects. Today's builders have to meet high construction standards, and every builder knows how to complete a job the right way. If there are significant defects in your new home, they could lead to major structural damage in the future. An experienced lawyer can help you protect your rights and hold negligent builders responsible for damage they have caused.

The soils in Houston move, and this makes foundation settlement issues very common. If the foundation of your home has not been properly engineered or constructed, you may face significant and costly future problems. Local home builders understand the challenges of building a solid foundation in Houston, and they know how to properly engineer a foundation to avoid these risks.

Often times, contractors will make the same mistake on numerous homes. We are able to represent multiple homeowners who have suffered similar construction or foundation defects on their own homes. While we do not handle class action suits, we can represent multiple home owners in the same lawsuit. Our practice, however, is limited to structural defects. We do not handle construction litigation involving mold claims.

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If you have suffered losses as the result of a builder's negligence or as a result of a home construction defect, you have the right to challenge the contractor or builder responsible. From our Houston law offices, our firm represents individual home owners against contractors and builders. We build good relationships with our clients based on dependability, responsiveness and results. At Lapin & Landa, LLP, we also offer a contingent fee option for these cases, so contact us today to schedule a consultation and to find out more.